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Floorplan Live
Floorplan Design
Professional and accurate design and management for your event.

Event Floorplan Design & Management

Floorplan layouts are an important part of organising an event, it is essential that the floorplan and service that event organisers receive will meet all their expectations and provide them with total piece of mind.

Our bespoke software Event Floorplan Designer is used by three of the largest exhibition contractors in the UK.


Floorplan Live
Floorplan Live
Manage your floorplan online for sales and operational teams.

Floorplan Live

Over 700 event professionals depend on Floorplan Live to manage their event floorplan online, a simple to use system for sales and operational teams.

Our platform is integrated into our other products, Interactive, 3D and Data all updated from one core solution. We can also integrate with third party software.


Floorplan Interactive
Interactive floorplans for Sales, Marketing and Visitor Planner.

Floorplan Live Interactive

Interactive floorplans for your website, viewable on pc's, tablet and mobile devices.

Interactive Floorplans can be used for stand sales booking during the early cycle of your event to a visitor planner.

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Floorplan Live 3D
View your event floorplan in a 3D environment including the venue.

Floorplan Live 3D

View your event in a 3D environment showing venue, feature areas, Seminars or sponsorship opportunities.

Stands are built dynamically showing walling and open sides all updated when changes are made in Floorplan Live.

Available for iPad and Web.

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Floorplan Live Data
Salesforce integration and floorplan data for your mobile app.

Floorplan Live Data

Our event platform is integrated into Salesforce CRM or we can integrate into your custom CRM system.

We can also provide real-time floorplan co-ordinate data for your mobile app or mapping provider through our API.

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Latest Projects

Floorplan Live

Floorplan Live is a simple to use online event management solution for organisers sales and operational teams to efficiently manage their floorplan using a web browser. Main benefits listed below.

Edit stand details - Add / Edit / Change / Remove exhibitor names, edit stand type, whether sold unsold, reserved, features. Your plan can be customised to your specific stand sales process.

Combine and Split stands - Combine and split stands at the press of a button (within stand block areas only).

Sales and Technical plans - Different styles of your floorplan can be made available to suit Sales, Operational, Contractor or Venue teams.

User access levels - Each user can be granted different access levels, view only, editing of stands, combine and split, add / edit exhibitors.

Reporting - Up to the second live reporting of your event space on a per hall and per zone basis such as unsold, sold, yield, feature areas, or download a spreadsheet to view or import into your systems.

PDF plans - Print ready layered PDF's to send to clients that can be viewed and navigated with full clarity. Scaled PDF's are also available for download for contractors or venue management.

Floorplan Live Interactive

Interactive floorplans for your website, viewable on pc's, tablet and mobile devices.

From Sales Plan..
Interactive floorplans can be used from the start of the sales process showing which stands are available for potential exhibitors.

to Visitor Planner
Closer to the event the interactive floorplan can be turned into a visitor planner highlighting key areas of the event, sponsors and exhibitor profiles to connect visitors and exhibitors at the event.

All interactive floorplans are updated in real-time from Floorplan Live so any changes or last minute exhibitors are not left out.

Stand rebooking at the event
Interactive floorplans can also be used during the stand rebooking process at the event and displayed on AV screens or event website, as stands are rebooked the interactive floorplan will update.

Our interactive floorplan is built using HTML 5 and works on mobile and tablet devices requiring no special plugin.

Floorplan Live 3D

Floorplan Live 3D is an exciting new development which builds your floorplan showing the venue, stands and feature areas ,any stand changes made to your floorplan in Floorplan Live are mirrored in a fully 3D environment showing stand walling, open sides and highlighting key areas of the event such as Seminar Rooms, VIP lounges or sponsorship opportunities.

The user can interact with the 3D floorplan on ipad or desktop, navigating freely around the venue to view available stand space at the event. This provides the potential exhibitor the best visual of stand position, columns and surrounding area.

Floorplan Live 3D can also be used for event planning or launch events to provide an alternative to a flat plan or rendered walkthrough, Floorplan Live 3D makes it possible to interact with the event floorplan.

Floorplan Live Data

Our API allows integration into third party systems such as.

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Mobile App providers
  • Exhibitor Manuals
  • Exhibitor Lists
  • Visitor Event Planners
  • Your Sales System
  • Bespoke development